Zirconium Porcelain

Zirkonyum Porselen

Usually, porcelain is used in dental veneers. However, people whom desires to have more aesthetic look and a comfortable use prefers zirconium veneers. When the zirconium undergoes various processes and takes its final form, a healthy and aesthetic workmanship emerges. It is possible to use this material on the anterior and posterior teeth. This application, which is in the metal-free dental veneering group, eliminates the problem of tooth sensitivity. Zirconium is obtained by making use of technology perform difference from all the other veneers.

Reasons for choosing zirconium?

There are countless reasons to perform zirconium since it provides advantages in various ways.

  • It is sensitive to hot and cold permeability due to its heat resistant structure.
  • It contains mineral structures that prevents tooth sensitivity.
  • It has an excellent right transmittance, by that way it prevents the decay of natural teeth.
  • It doesn’t harm the sense of taste at any point. since it is metal-free, it doesn’t cause a chance or deformation in the flavours.
  • It has very solid structure.
  • The cutting and thinning processes applied to the natural teeth are not performed during the zirconium veneer which protects the existing teeth.
  • the zirconium is fixed to the surface with a special adhesive. It is preferred by the clients who are time consistent since it requires a short amount of time to be performed.
  • The discolouration that happens in other dental veneering processes does not occur in zirconium veneering.
  • Because it has a slippery surface, it prevents the formation of tartar on the teeth.

To whom can it be performed?

Although there aren’t any criteria for patients to have zirconium veneering, in some cases it may be put on hold.

It is generally recommended to wait till they reach the age of 18 for the patients whose tooth structure and development aren’t fully established. Since, the tooth and jaw structure can perform changes due to growth causing the zirconium veneer to appear short if done before the full growth.

Apart from this, there are some patients who grind their teeth due to psychological reasons, causing their teeth to be locked. Also, some patients are used to gnawing on hard objects which may harm both the zirconium veneer and the natural teeth even though the zirconium is a strong solid structure. In this case they are recommended to receive a treatment first and then have a zirconium veneering.

Apart from these exceptional cases;

  1. Those who have broken teeth,
  2. Those with rotten and damaged teeth
  3. Those who aim to whiten their teeth where the teeth whitening process is insufficient,
  4. Those with crooked teeth,
  5. Those who has split teeth due to gingival recession,
  6. Those whose gums are too high or lower than necessary,
  7. Those who have lip closure problem due to irregular tooth alignment,
  8. Those who have psychological and self-confidence problems due to being insecure of the way their teeth look,
  9. Those whose teeth alignments are either too long or too short and irregular.
  • Those who want their teeth to look white and clean,
  • Those who are time consistent and want to have straight teeth the earliest,

Zirconium veneering can easily be performed.

How long does the zirconium veneering takes?

It does not take a long time compared to the metal-supported veneers as it is a time efficient method. Zirconium veneering is done digitally in every stage and in a short time, from the measurements to the final image.

You can have the teeth you desire in a short time by deciding it together with your doctor at every stage from colour to size, and the most compatible zirconium veneer will be determined by your face. The photographs of your face are taken from different angles. Then the zirconium veneering is applied on the pre-taken photos according to your desire which will allow you to have a clear image on how it will look at the end. By that way you will not encounter a surprise image. Moreover, all of these processes are prepared digitally and will be finished within a week.

The cost of zirconium veneering

Dental treatments include personalised applications. Every patient’s needs, issues, and wishes are differ from one to another. Therefore, the prices also vary. Some patients may need to perform more than one procedure before veneering and for some patients, the costs may arise by direct zirconium veneering process.

Your doctor will give the clearest answer to this question at the first examination you attend.