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    15 Years of Corporate Experience in Hair Transplantation

    EsteEstanbul provides Hair Transplantation service with scientific and technical superiority. It aims at the happiness of its patients by combining Hair Transplant Organization and Hair Transplantation with a holiday understanding and offering comfort.

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    We are committed to our work with love. We always do our best with pleasure.

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    Clinically, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront.

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    All our operations are carried out in a sterile environment in accordance with health standards.

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    Este Estanbul
    International Health Group

    Hair Transplantation is an art that combines with Health and Aesthetics. In order to perform this art, it has a structure that meets all the needs of people who have problems with baldness, provides services including all hair care, and keeps its works person-oriented for customer satisfaction with its personalized price policy.


    We always give importance to guest satisfaction.


    We provide health tourism services in 5 different countries.