Implant is a technique used to replace missing teeth that has grown in popularity in recent years. “What exactly is an implant?” “The missing tooth will be completed with the help of screws placed in the jawbone,” is the most basic answer. These titanium screws do not cause any damage to the jaw structure.

How does an implant performed?

After the missing tooth has been prepared, the screws that will support the prosthetic tooth are inserted into the jawbone using a simple surgical procedure. The prosthetic tooth or teeth are placed and the application is completed three months after this procedure, which is the ideal time for the screws to settle in the jawbone. An implant can be placed even if only one tooth is missing. Implants can also be created if more than one tooth is missing or if no teeth exist in the mouth.

Can Anyone Get Implants?

First and foremost, the jawbone must be of a certain thickness in order for implant dental surgery to be performed. However, thanks to advances in technology, if the jaw bone is not thick enough, it can be prepared for implant placement with a few procedures. However, because a dental prosthesis cannot be immediately applied in this method, the necessary preparations necessitate a longer process. Patients should pay special attention to their oral and dental health during this time.

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

Local anaesthesia is used for the surgical intervention required for the application. As a result, patients do not experience any discomfort, ache, or pain during the application. On the same day as the surgery, a very minor pain may be felt. This pain, however, can be relieved by taking painkiller as prescribed by your doctor.