Butt Lift Surgery

Popo Estetiği

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Sophia Loren are all beautiful women who many people admire. The hourglass-shaped appearance created by their thin waist and wide hips is perhaps the most important reason they attract so much attention.

Many people associate “plastic surgery” with rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck procedures. Have you ever considered having your hips surgically enhanced to make them more attractive?

Aside from breast augmentation surgeries, which have been around for a long time, there are also procedures used to change the body shape in the butt and hip area in order to achieve an hourglass appearance.

Another popular method for butt lift is plastic surgery with silicone buttock prostheses. These procedures are typically performed with silicone prostheses similar to those used in breast augmentation surgeries. In this way, it creates a more natural look and feel on the hip.

How Do we perform Silicone Butt Aesthetics?

This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia to shape and widen the hips. Your doctor will make an incision near the hip area where the silicone will be placed to ensure that the prosthesis remains permanently under the butt muscle.

To create a natural look, the same application may be required on the other hip during the application. Under the skin, silicones are sometimes used to create a smoother appearance in the hip area.

Although there is some risk and a lengthy recovery period associated with butt lift applications, the healing process is less difficult than with comparable silicone applications. This is due to the fact that the hip region has fewer nerves than other areas.

Furthermore, silicones are not typically injected very deeply into the tissue. As a result, there is less chance of complications occurring. However, it is advised to wear special protective clothing and avoid strenuous exercises for the first 1-2 months after Butt lift surgery.

Butt-lift Aesthetics Using Fat Injection

Fat injections are one of the aesthetic applications in butt-lift aesthetics. The fat extracted from the waist area by liposuction is filtered and purified before being injected into the outer region of the hip to create an ideal hip appearance. This procedure is also known as fat grafting. With enough buttock aesthetics fat injections, it is possible to achieve a hip appearance similar to that of a Brazilian woman.

Butt-lift aesthetic applications with fat transfer are not recommended for patients with low body fat because, in order to perform this application, there must be enough fat in other fatty areas of the patient, such as the abdomen, hips, and leg circumference, so that this fat is removed and gives fullness to the butt area. Fat grafting for buttock aesthetics, on the other hand, provides additional benefits for those who want to have a slimmer body appearance by reducing fat in other parts of the body.

  • Because no incisions are made during the fat transfer procedure, it is less risky than silicone applications. When large amounts of fat are injected, the risk factor rises.
  • In these applications, the recovery time ranges from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Do not act hastily or quickly while sitting or standing in the first few days after the procedure. Ask for assistance if necessary.
  • Injecting synthetic materials into the hips or buttocks can result in hazardous reactions and negative outcomes. This is supported by numerous scientific articles.
  • The use of a substance like collagen in hip fillers will result in extremely expensive results because the procedure must be repeated on a regular basis.

If you choose the fat transfer application in butt lift, make sure you have enough oil in your body during the injection.