Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Yes, absolutely. %97 of the hair that has been transplanted are guaranteed to perform growth. Even if the rest %3 of the implanted part doesn’t show growth, if it’s not on the same area, it will not be noticeable which is why the satisfaction of the hair transplantation is high.

    The duration of the hair transplantation takes about 5 to 8 hours in total depends on the number of Grafts, the experience of the surgeon, the skin texture of the person that the hair transplantation is going to be performed on, and the different hair transplanting techniques.

    The pain is volatile from person to person, usually because of either physiological or psychological reasons. To limit the pain local anaesthesia is been used in hair transplantations and it may be the only part where the patient could feel a little pain. Apart from that there will not be any pain while or after the hair transplantation process and usually it will be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

    Hair transplantation can be performed to people whom are having hair-loss problems and to whom has enough hair at the back of their head regardless of being female or male.

    There is a lot of reasons why the hair transplantations cannot be performed. The hair transplantation is not suggested to the people whom has infectious diseases, people whom hasn’t got enough donor area for the surgeons to perform the implant, people whom facing with an active hair-loss or people had loosen their hair because of cancer, people whom under 18 having thinner hair, and to the alopecia patients.

    The implanted hair never falls off unless they have cancer or got hurt by the head because of an accident or the hair on the back of the head isn’t fallen off. In some people it is seen that the hair they have at the back of their head is fallen off even if it’s really rare. However, this ratio is less than one in a million and the hair transplant never falls of if any of the above doesn’t apply.