Neck and Face Lifting

Yüz Boyun Germe

There are various options in the face lifting procedures such as face lifting, mini face lifting, non-surgical face lift, and face lifting with radiofrequency.

When it comes to facial plastic surgeries, it is so difficult to know which procedure will give you the best results. There are various surgical and non-surgical procedures in facial plastic surgeries. In addition to this, there are plastic surgery options focusing on the characteristic features of your face.

If you are considering one of many anti-aging methods the plastic surgery industry has to offer, you may be unsure which method is the best option for you. In this article, you can find the answers to your queries about face and neck lifting procedures.

What is face lifting?

The fact that there are so much information and options raise questions about which areas of face-lift surgery will be effective. For instance, many people think that a face-lift requires tightening your entire face including the forehead. However, the traditional face-tightening procedure focuses on the middle and the lower part of the face. It includes the areas starting from below the cheeks and goes down to your chin and the neck.

In the face-lifting surgeries, the skin is pulled towards the scalp and in front of the ear. Extra tissues are cut along with removing the excess fat tissues when it is necessary. Face-lifting surgeries elimitanes wrinkles on the cheek area and tightens the skin around jawline and neck.

What is neck lifting?

The neck is one of the first body parts to start aging. Relaxed skin and muscles and the excessive fat tissues may make you look older than you are. Neck-lifting is an operation designed to improve the appearance of the area by tightening and smoothing your sagging neck skin muscles.

Should I choose face-lifting or neck-lifting?

In order to understand whether you need neck lift or face lift surgery is to determine your goals to perform the procedure. Do you have loose skin around the neck area? Do you have wrinkles on your cheek? Does your jaw-line needs to look better? By finding the answers to these questions first, you can determine which method works the best for you. You can consult and guide the surgeon about any problems you see in your face or neck.

Mini face and mini neck lift

Mini Face and Neck lift surgery is a full-face lift or neck lift surgery performed in a limited area. In the surgery, less skin is taken to stretch the cheeks and the neck. These are less aggressive surgeries. They are usually suitable for patients who have a small amount of sagging skin and want to achieve greater effects than what filling will create. These procedures can be done in the early stage of aging.

Risks and complications

These kinds of surgeries may have some risks and complications. Some of these can be managed with appropriate care, medication, or surgical correction. Although long-term or permanent complications are rare, they can still cause significant differences in the physical appearance. The risks of face and neck lift surgeries are listed below;

  • Hematoma: the most common complication of face-lift surgery is hematoma. Is a collection of blood under the skin which causes swelling. The Edema accumulated by the surgery is immediately drained when this occurs and the bleeding focus is treated to prevent damage to the skin and other tissues.
  • Scarring: scars that are left from the face and neck lift surgeries are permanent, but are typically hidden by the hairline, ears and the natural colours of the face.
  • Nerve damage: the operations may/can affect the nerves temporarily or permanently.
  • In addition to this, just like in all the other surgical operations, there is a risk of bleeding, infection and complications related to anaesthesia. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to pay attention to the recommendations of your doctor before and after the operation.